• Catherine König-Pralong (PD Dr., Principal Investigator) ǀ Work Project 1: Medieval Philosophy, Modern History and Theories of Cultures
  • Zornitsa Radeva (PhD student) ǀ Work Project 2: Intellect and Spirit from the Renaissance to Modern Era
  • Mario Meliadò (Post Doc) ǀ Work Project 3: Modern and Medieval Rationalities. Dissidents and Forerunners
  • Friederike Schmiga (Post Doc) ǀ Scholasticism as a Way of Life? Pierre Hadot’s Critique of the Middle Ages and the Renewal of an Academic Discipline
  • Mostafa Najafi (Doc) ǀ Tales of Two Texts: al-Jurjānī’s duology from a historiographical perspective
  • Marieke Abram (PhD, Scientific Coordination)

II. Associated Researchers at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

  • Silvia Negri (Post Doc) ǀ Medieval Scholasticism
  • Nadja Germann (JProf. Dr.) ǀ Arabic Philosophy